President Message

About the Founder & President of SWDO

The founder is Smt. Th. Binashakhi Devi, the first daughter of Shri Late Th. Tarpon Singh & Th. Late (ongbi)Yumshang Devi. She was a hard and noble social worker, she had organized a Women society / Organisation for uplifment of Women and Children. She works in various schemes for the welfare of womenfolks of rural area under SWDO. 

She works tirelessness, knowing that health care in rural area is most needed. She aims that at least to have a trained nurse in every Villege or Leikai when the Hospitals use far off. Thus she started Rabi School of Nursing. Now she produced a large number of nurses in our state Manipur. Some of her students had got job in hospitals inside and outside the state.

Message from the Founder & President of SWDO

True to the name ‘Social Woman Development Organisation, SWDO ’, our NGO has a social vision which is genuine and path breaking. The broad spectrum of our activities and their success rate within a short span of time speak about the dedicated work done by ‘Social Woman Development Organisation, SWDO'.

The focus of SWDO is not just limited to children. We provide support to needy women; offer them vocational skills training to enable them to lead lives of financial independence and self esteem, help in women’s health issues and so on. Increasing awareness and fighting violence against women is among SWDO priorities.

We further work towards the integration of people with disabilities into mainstream society. Our SWDO work towards preventing disability; To focus attention on their career development and helping them to get placed in jobs making them financially independent; To assist in any other activities for empowerment of mentally and physically challenged.

SWDO aims to work towards development of nature and environment; To create awareness about nature and its preservation; To develop a healthy human nature coordination; To work towards development of ecological system, prevent abuse of nature and prevent cruelty against animal/s, bird/s and other living beings; To stimulate optimal and harmonious use of natural resources, recycling etc.

Our NGO assist to work towards development and integration of people living in a far remote and underdeveloped area/s, village/s, tribe/s etc; Acting as a watchdog against human rights violations; Providing support to farmer agriculture and fisheries; Promoting efforts to reduce poverty and unemployment; Initiate activities for accident prevention and rescue initiative; Dealing with humanitarian emergencies, whether natural or manmade; promote the rights and interests of the consumers; To work towards development of science, art, craft, culture, handicrafts and traditional industries, literature, music, games and sports and other means of expression; Protection of antique and archaeological collections; and other related activities.

SWDO endeavors to achieve its mission and vision by developing a strong management structure, gradually putting in place its process and procedure to mobilize the community to support its projects and campaigns.,


Warm Regards,
Miss. Thokchom Binashakhi Devi
Founder & President
Social Woman Development Organisation, SWDO