Sericulture Programme 2000

We have successfully introduced rearing of multi and improved Mul-voltine Mulberry Silkworms breeds of seed crops in summer seasons to ensure supply of Improved Mulberry based crossbreed disease-free layings for summer commercial crops to the districts of South & East zones and also encourages Bi-voltine based cross-breed silkworm rearing to obtain warp grade hybrid silk mainly through the organized network of progressive farmers. While the farmer will continue to promote the cause of poverty alleviation, employment generation and subsistence farming, the later would go on commercial line. The emphasis will actually be on the vertical growth through productivity and process improvement.

As regards non mulberry (Muga) it proposes for development of integrated farming system for host plants, encouraging private Graineurs to enhance dfls supply, establishment of economic plantation of Persea bombycina (Som) under social forestry programme in the district, thrust on post cocoon aspects, encouraging use of motorized reeling cum twisting machines/ spining wheels and increase productivity and efficiency of women users.

Our Objectives

  • Popularisation of Muga Culture, Muga Reeling and Spinning activities to enhance the income of downtrodden people in rural areas specially for women.
  • Popularisation of Mulberry cultivation, silkworms rearing in agriculturally unsuitable land to provide income for rural people.
  • Encourage the members of Self Help Groups to earn in Sericulture activities.